A Guide To Kelowna’s Short-term Rental Regulations

Kelowna Short Term Rental Regulations

A Guide to Kelowna's Short Term Rental Regulations

Kelowna is a hot spot for short term rentals and in order to operate one you must now have an issued business license from the city of Kelowna. Homeowners can legally rent their residences for 29 days or less at a time. There are a few new eligibility requirements that need to be followed in order to obtain a business license for a short term rental. Regulations may vary depending on city zones and tourist areas. Business licenses are granted from the city of Kelowna and vary on prices depending on the type of residence. Principal Residences refer to a home you live in for at least eight months out of the calendar year and the cost of a business license is $345. Non-Principal licenses refer to non primary houses and cost $750.

Parking and Room requirements:

  • Maximum number of guests per bedroom.
  • Maximum number of bedrooms.
  • Maximum number of parking spaces.
  • Maximum number of bookings at a time.

Fire and safety requirements:

  • Somebody needs to be available to respond to incidents 24/7.
  • Detailed fire and safety evacuation plan needs to be posted throughout the home.
  • Smoke alarms need to be installed on every floor and in every bedroom.
  • Fire extinguisher needs to be available on every floor.
  • Carbon Monoxide detector on every floor of the home.
  • Bedroom windows need to be accessible without obstruction.
  • Home owners must allow city workers access to their rentals for inspections upon request.

Steps to Obtain a business license:

Bylaws are put in place by the city to ensure a safe and happy community.  There are rules that guests need to follow such as noise restrictions, parking, pets, and proper garbage and recycling disposal.  Zoning requirements vary depending on the area of the city.  A detailed zoning map is provided from the city of Kelowna. The new licensing and regulations around short term rentals is a way for the city to balance and protect long term rentals and neighbourhoods while accommodating short term guests in Kelowna.. Homeowners can face fines up to $500 a day if the requirements are not met.

Examples of offenses that will result in a fine include:

  • Operating without a business license.
  • Operating contrary to zoning restrictions.
  • Advertising a short term rental without having a visible business license.
  • Operating on unsafe property.
  • Refusing entry for an inspection by a city representative.
  • Operating a short -term rental in a home that is not your principal residence. ( if applicable)

Head over to the City of Kelowna website for a detailed list of guidelines referring to the new bylaws, specific zoning rules, and to find out if your home is eligible for a business license.

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