Reasons to Call Rutland Home

Reasons to Call Rutland Home: Exploring Kelowna's Diverse Community

Rutland is a diverse neighborhood in Kelowna, British Columbia. It has quickly become one of the most densely populated parts of town due to its family friendly orientation, affordable housing market, and plethora of local amenities and recreation opportunities. Located north east from downtown, Rutland was originally its own agriculture village but has been an incredible addition to Kelowna since 1970. Because of its past agriculture days, Rutland is in the center of beautiful rolling hills, orchards, lush pastures, and vineyards. This community has become a hub for family friendly living. Rutland is home to incredible schooling and recreation options such as YMCA Center, Ben Lee Park, and Mission Creek Greenway. With its super convenient and central location, living in Rutland gives you super quick access to Big White Ski Resort, UBCO, YLW Airport, and much more! 

Amenities and Recreation: 

Living in Rutland offers many incredible local amenities such as parks and playgrounds, shopping centers, and unique restaurant experiences. Rutlands culinary scene is one of the most diverse in the city with a wide range of ethnic delicacies. You will find everything from sushi, pizza, tacos and donairs to family owned bakeries, coffee shops, and creperies. A foodie's dreams come true!

This cozy community is home to over two dozen parks including options such as sports fields, ball diamonds, and local favorites like Ben Lee Park- A large park offering wide open green spaces, a skatepark, splash park, playground, and concession. Rutland also has the luxury of being located along Highway 33 which takes you directly to Big White! All in all, this is an incredible community for those that love to get out and explore the outdoors. The following list is just some of the incredible parks that are located within the streets of Rutland!

  • Ben Lee Park 
  • Rutland Recreation Park 
  • Rutland Centennial Park 
  • Davie Park 
  • Rutland Lions Park 
  • Hollydell Park 
  • Moraine Park 
  • Mission Creek Greenway 
  • Hollywood  Park
  • Hartman Park 
  • Mugford Park 
  • Black Mountain Golf Club 
  • Tower Ranch Golf and Country 


Rutland is a super attractive place to relocate to for families due to its large variety of education options for kids of all ages. There are several daycares, and elementary and secondary schools located in the area for families with young children. Rutland has also seen an influx of families with university students relocating to the area due to it being much closer to UBCO than most other neighborhoods in Kelowna.


Rutland is located within the two main highway routes in Kelowna, highway 33 and 97. Being within close access to both of these highways gives this neighborhood tons of transit bus stops with a frequent a schedule, making it easy to get from point A to point B. 


Real Estate Variety:

Rutland offers a wide range of real estate options for buyers and renters. This community is well known for being the most affordable area in Kelowna and is home to a wide variety of housing options. From established single-family homes on large lots, to townhouses and apartments, and duplexes and large estate properties. Rutland has seen an increase in new construction projects in the last few years, giving the area a mix of charming and quaint homes with new modern builds. 

This neighborhood's population is continuously on the rise due to the fact that there is a home for a variety of lifestyles and budgets. The rental market in Rutland is substantial, due to it being an attractive and obtainable area to choose to raise a family. And with its variety of real estate options, Rutland offers a great balance of affordability and convenience thus making it a great area of town to buy in for those looking to make a smart investment for the future.  



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