Kelowna's Most Walkable Neighborhoods

Kelowna's Most Walkable Neighborhoods


People  often inquire about the city's most pedestrian-friendly or walkable neighborhoods. Kelowna in general is not known for being a highly walkable city, however there are indeed 4-5 neighborhoods that provide the kind of lifestyle you'll want to explore. These areas offer the convenience of strolling to nearby restaurants, bars, grocery stores, coffee shops, and the chance to connect with your neighbors. 

Let's establish a clear definition of 'walkable.' For many, it means having the ability to live, work, and enjoy leisure activities within a short distance of their home. While we don't have an abundance of neighborhoods that perfectly fit this description, we do have have a few communities that check some of those boxes.

Pandosy Village

Pandosy Village, situated in the Kelowna South neighborhood, bordered by Lower Mission and the picturesque Lake Okanagan. It is renowned for its prominent lakefront homes, condominiums, beautiful beaches, and a plethora of local shopping options.

Pandosy Village is centrally located and stands out for its flat terrain compared to many other parts of the city, making it an ideal choice for exploring on foot. The streets are graced with towering trees, expansive sidewalks, bike lanes, and the scenic Abbott corridor. This area is a hub for boutique shopping, offering a range of options from clothing and books to antiques. In addition to its diverse shopping scene, Pandosy Village is home to an assortment of restaurants, coffee shops, medical offices, and grocery stores. In recent years, this charming community has witnessed a significant increase in townhouse and condo developments, making it an even more appealing destination for a day of exploration. You'll often find local residents taking full advantage of the neighborhood's abundant offerings.

Kelowna North 

This part of the city places you right downtown. Bordered by Knox Mountain Park and Lake Okanagan, downtown becomes a lakeside community offering convenient access to beaches, parks, and picturesque mountain trails, perfect for walking or biking.

Situated within the city's vibrant brewery and cultural district, this area is a hub for shopping, dining, and nightlife. Downtown excels in pedestrian-friendliness, with sidewalks and bike lanes lining every street. No matter where you stand, you're always just a short walk away from a local restaurant, coffee shop, boutique shopping, and entertainment. 

Springfield / Spall 

Springfield and Spall, situated in one of the primary urban cores of the city, serve as the hub for most of Kelowna's major retail and large-scale stores. This district is home to Orchard Park Shopping Centre, complemented by a wide array of restaurants, local enterprises, hotels, and various amenities. Springfield, one of Kelowna's earliest established areas, features a diverse range of housing options, spanning from older single-family residences to townhouses, apartments, and duplexes. Notably, this neighborhood boasts a substantial number of 55+ age-restricted condominiums and offers an extensive selection of rental properties.

At the heart of this neighborhood lies the iconic landmark district, an area known for it's coffee shops, dining establishments, and daily necessitties such as hardware stores and pharmacies. Springfield and Spall roads, both serving as major transportation routes in Kelowna, are equipped with dedicated bike lanes and sidewalks. Additionally, this neighborhood is the home of Kelowna's popular outdoor Farmers Market, a local favourite that operates from April through October.


In Rutland you will find some of Kelowna's most budget-friendly housing options, including condos, townhouses, duplexes, multi-family residences, and detached homes. Rutland boasts some of Kelowna's top-rated parks, playgrounds,and schools. With over two dozen parks to choose from, a standout favorite is Ben Lee Park. This sprawling 8-hectare park features an inclusive playground, a splash park, sports courts, a skatepark, and ample green spaces, perfect for leisurely walks and summer picnics.

Over the years, Rutland has evolved into one of Kelowna's most densely populated areas and now hosts a thriving business district with all essential amenities. Additionally, Rutland offers a diverse range of restaurants. When it comes to walkability, Rutland consistently ranks high.

While Kelowna may not offer the same level of walkable communities as larger urban centers like Vancouver or Calgary, these few neighborhoods are great options. Whether you're interested in buying or selling a home in the Kelowna area or simply want to explore these communities further, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to assist you.

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